A Focus On Business and Climate Change

Jim Haywood is the Environment Director for an organization called Business In The Community. Working through the Prince’s May Day Network, Mr.Haywood  leads a small team that focuses on climate change. His organization  tries to get businesses to commit to take action against harming the environment by working with business to show how they impact society and the environment.

Jim believes that in the United Kingdom, businesses contribute to at least 40% of the emissions that leads to negative climate changes.

The Prince’s May Day Network, was founded by the Prince of Wales in 2007. Over 1300 business have signed up and are committed to running their business in a environmentally friendly way. These businesses have also committed to spread the word with regards to the urgency of climate change, and to empower the businesses community as well as individuals to show them that everyone can make a difference.

Mr.Haywood accomplishes these goals by empowering employees of these businesses to make a difference both at home and at work, including working with their supply chain – this is how one person can effect the actions of many within the business community. The next step is to look at the customers and ask how they can provide services and products to live in a more environmentally friendy way. Mr.Haywood stresses that one of the most important things businesses can do is to show leadership.