A Business That Gardens The Environmentally Friendly Way

Lawn care was always synonymous with pesticide use, but as times changed so did the use of chemicals on our lawns and gardens. The use of organic and environmentally friendly lawn care products has skyrocketed over the past decade to the point where a person walking past a lawn sprayed with pesticides might be a little taken aback. What else could be done in the lawn care industry to go further in protecting the environment? An answer is The Silent Gardener – a small green business that takes lawn maintenance to the next eco-level.

Using mulches and organic fertilizers, these professional and certified gardeners take care of lawns with a clean conscience. As the name implies, instead of using gas powered equipment, people-power is the name of the game at The Silent Gardener. Rakes instead of leaf-blowers and hand push lawn mowers instead of noisy gas-powered lawn mowers help ease noise pollution in a community. Their slogan, “working towards a quieter, more livable city” beautifully encapsulates what they set out to do.

This might be the perfect idea that you are searching for in starting a green business, for adults or students alike, or for those who contract out lawn care for their business, it might be a way of beginning to make your current business a little more eco-friendly. We salute The Silent Gardener for creating a green business that leaves a lasting environmentally friendly impression in their community.

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