7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Enhance Your Property Before Selling

According to statistics, properties that are enhanced for Eco-friendliness are more likely to sell for a higher asking price. Additionally, these properties spend less time on the market. When it comes time to sell you property, there may be a number of things you can do that may prove to be profitable in the long run. Whether it’s a family dwelling or a commercial office space, environmental additions can make for great marketing.

Energy Efficient Insulation

Many property owners don’t take into consideration the condition of current insulation. Bad spots in the walls or in the attic can lead to heat sinks that reduce the property’s ability to condition the air. Replacing or reinstalling energy efficient insulation can help boost the attraction of the lot. It can also play a part in the asking price of the property.

Solar Usage

Solar panels on the roof are not the only ways you can take advantage of the sun’s energy. Units can be installed for heating water or air decreasing the need for electricity or gas. Windows designed for energy savings can allow the sun to heat the property without turning on the furnace. While solar panels are still an incredible boost for any given property in terms of selling, other components can be almost as attractive.

Thermal Barrier Paint Additives

Repainting the walls gives the property a new appearance. It can also offer a boost to marketing if you used thermal barrier additives within the paint. These components have been scientifically proven to reduce the energy use of the property when it comes to heating or cooling.

Aerated Faucets

Homes that feature aerated faucets use far less water than others. These are relatively inexpensive and can easily play into the marketing of the property. The units themselves usually come with everything need to install and often take a few minutes to do so. Many people are worried about water usage in this day and age, and these components can go a long way to attracting those buyers.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters use electricity to heat water as it’s needed. Instead of a traditional tank that constantly uses power or gas to keep the water hot, tankless devices provide heat on demand. This means they use far less resources to maintain while taking up a fraction of the floor space.

Motion Sensing Light Switches

Although LED and CFL bulbs provide superior lighting for less cost, motion sensing switches can contribute greatly to the savings. For example, a motion switch in an office bathroom can greatly reduce the energy usage instead of leaving the light on at all hours of the day.

Energy Star Compliance

Replacing all of the old appliances with new, energy star compliant devices may be able to attract a wider range of buyers. The theme for the future is saving energy, and appliances that can do just that will save buyers from having to purchase those units.

People invest in property as more than just a place to live. Many of these people are viewing the purchase as an investment into their future. Professional investors, such as Fahad Al-Rajaan, take the time to find the best prospective opportunity before making deals. Adding more of an Eco-friendly atmosphere has potential to further engage those individuals. Market your property as a “green” place to live or work and enhance your future profits.