5 Green Business Bloggers Worth Reading

The explosion of blogging has given members of the sustainability community some new and exciting perspectives. Here to educate and entertain us, the following list contains names of excellent bloggers who write about green business.

❶ Elisabeth Rosenthal – A staff writer for the Business of Green, a blog under the International Herald Tribune umbrella, Libby often creates a debate with her articles and gives some interesting food for thought.

❷ James Kanter – The second staff writer for the Business of Green, James offers passionate and informed opinions. His articles are definitely a worth while read.

❸ James Murray – James is a champion at blog writing. He consistently writes about current events in the green business community and confidently offers his opinions, even when they may not be the most popular.

❹ Joel Makower – Joel is as experienced as they come with regards to sustainability. He writes and lectures on green business and is a must read if one wants to keep up to date on issues that we are so passionate about.

❺ Jeff McIntire-Strasburg – Jeff is a tireless proponent of sustainability. I have the fortune of being part of some social media sites that include Jeff. He is a voracious reader of green business news and offers so many intelligent and knowledgable opinions that his sites are more than worthy of a feed subscription.

These are just 5 green business bloggers that I am happy to promote. Although all have unique styles of writing, they all have one thing in common – keeping the planet clean. Offering opinions and information about green business not only educates, but it also inspires us to reach for the top. I am proud of these bloggers and the mission that they are on. Take some time out of your day and see what they have to offer.

Patrick Henry CEO