4 basic cleaning tips in mind when it’s time to open your home to potential buyers

Hosting an open house can be an intimidating ordeal, but presenting a spotless home can take the edge off, and is key to attracting interest, and ultimately, offers. Buyers are looking for a clean, sparkling environment, so getting your home in pristine condition is crucial for a successful open house. Reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding harsh chemicals and other toxic cleaners in favor of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Keep these basic cleaning tips in mind when it’s time to open your home to potential buyers:

Deep-clean Flooring

Whether you have carpeting, tile or hardwood flooring, potential buyers will most likely be turned off if they walk into a home with stains or dirt underfoot. For carpeting, vacuum well and then shampoo with earth friendly cleaning products like Simple Green, available online from janitorial suppliers such as Empacs. To bring out the natural grain and beauty of hardwood floors, sweep with a dry micro-fiber mop and then clean with a chemical-free non-toxic floor cleaner especially formulated for wood. When cleaning floor tiles, pay attention to dirt and grime caught in the grout.

Ditch the Dust Bunnies

Nothing distracts more from your interior décor than dusty surfaces like counters, bookshelves and baseboards. Use a dust-grabbing recycled micro-fiber duster to keep particles from flying around, and apply a non-toxic, fragrance-free polish for wood furniture to avoid causing allergies in potential buyers. Don’t forget to dust features such as light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Clear Views

There is no point in having a beautifully landscaped yard and garden if your windows are so dirty or grimy that they block the view. Clean, sparkling windows allow more natural light into your home, and give unobstructed visual access to porches and patio areas. Clean indoor windows surfaces with a non-toxic spray window cleaner and polish with a clean towel. For etched exterior windows, apply an environmentally friendly glass cleaner designed to remove water deposits. Don’t forget to clean skylights and dormer windows as well.

Modern Metals

Many contemporary home feature extensive metallic features in their kitchens and bathrooms – from appliances to handles and drawer pulls to towel racks and fixtures. Keep metal surfaces clean, shiny and fingerprint-free by using cleaning products designed for each specific metal. For example, a cleaner suitable for a bronze kitchen faucet fixture is not appropriate for cleaning stainless steel or chrome appliances.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the task of cleaning your home from head to toe, consider hiring an environmentally friendly professional cleaning service to help eliminate some of the stress and get your home in tip-top shape for potential buyers.