2 Environmentally Responsible Companies

One thing that I love doing is promoting green businesses. I will be starting a series of posts that give examples of green businesses. I want you to discover these wonderful companies on your own. I want you to visit their websites and read what they do. I want you to see the passion that these people have for the business they love so much. You can make money by being environmentally responsible, and these companies are doing just that.

Here are two businesses, from entirely different industries, each taking a large amount of social responsibility. One is an organic dairy farm, the other gives used office furniture a second life. I’ve said it many times before, and I will continue to beat the drum – businesses can thrive by being environmentally responsible.

One day I may contact the CEOs of these companies, but for now my goal is to give those of you who are looking for examples of green businesses a resource or two. Go to their websites and find out the reasons why they have decided to take an environmentally responsible approach to business. It may inspire you to one day start your own green business.