10 Tips for More Memorable Presentations

From relating to your audience to including just the right amount of facts and figures, there are a lot of things to know about making great presentations. These ten tips will help you impress your audience and clearly convey your message.

1. Thoroughly research your topic. Supporting evidence should be memorable and easy to understand. The better you know your topic, the more confident you’ll be in the delivery, which will be more engaging.

2. Be relatable. Try to emotionally connect to your audience. Telling a relatable story is great way to start out the presentation. Your goal should be to evoke an emotional response from each person.

3. Keep it simple! Your talk should be straightforward, even if you’re presenting a complex topic. Your ideas should be stated strongly, succinctly, and clearly. Your entire speech and every message you deliver should reinforce the point of your presentation. Never complicate a presentation with too many facts, graphs, or charts. Too much data will confuse or even bore your audience.

4. Know who you’re presenting to. Make sure you have a clear picture of your audience. Your speech and content should be tweaked to appeal to that specific audience. Their backgrounds, challenges, and interests should be taken into consideration.

5. Stay real. Always be open and authentic during a presentation. Your audience will find it easier to relate to you if you’re relaxed, not over-rehearsed. When appropriate, use humor, especially if it’s self-deprecating. This will make you seem down-to-earth.

6. Use visuals, but use them wisely. Photos, graphics, and photos can add greatly to a presentation because they help to convey your message. However, visuals should support your presentation, not replace it or distract from it.

7. Take it slow. Speak slower than you normally do. People will need time to listen and catch up to what you’re saying. Briefly pause now and then as well.

8. Practice your presentation beforehand and shorten it if necessary. There’s nothing worse than skipping important parts because you’re running out of time.

9. Share a “wow” moment. There needs to be some big part of your presentation that will really impress your audience. This may come at the very beginning, when you’re trying to get their attention, or at the end, when you’re driving your point home.

10. Create a strong closing. You want to make a lasting impression. Plus, you’ll want to encourage your audience to attend future presentations on the topic. They should be both intrigued and informed.

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